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Do Missing Shingles Mean I Need a New Roof?

February 23, 2015
Are you inspecting your roof regularly for possible damage? You should be. Even if you haven’t had a bad storm you should keep a watchful eye on your roof. Any loss of materials on your roof can lead to costly damage to your building. What if you see a few shingles missing? Does this mean you need a new roof?... Read More

What is Baffling?

February 4, 2015
Don’t forget the “other side” of your roof. The interior of your roof has to be maintained and insulated. Ventilation is very important to the health of your roof from the inside out. But what role does baffling play in the performance of your roof? First let’s discuss the process of ventilating your roof. The gable of your building should... Read More
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Strong, Beautiful, and Budget-Friendly: Benefits of Metal Roofing

June 2, 2014
If you think metal roofs are limited to cold, loud, industrial buildings, you don’t know the benefits of today’s metal roofing materials. A modern metal roof isn’t the old corrugated “tin top” seen on barns and factories from years ago. Metal roofing material is high-tech, lightweight and attractive. In fact, you might drive by metal-roofed homes in your own neighborhood... Read More