Insurance Partners - Adjuster and Agents

Our roofing experts partner with insurance professionals for better outcomes

Coryell Roofing is the ultimate resource for insurance professionals. We have the best trained roof inspectors and damage specialists in Oklahoma and Texas and we have successfully collaborated with major insurance companies to evaluate claims.

  • For Insurance Agents:

    Reduce risk and improve loss ratio by verifying damage before processing a claim by consulting with experienced experts

  • For Insurance Adjusters:

    We provide estimate assistance, ladder and scope assists, repair recommendations – and, of course, roof replacement and alternative repair methods.


We are happy to share our expertise and provide insight to insurance representative who evaluate claims or look for the best solution for repair and adjustment.

We want to partner with you to help identify the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions for roof repairs or replacements – and a fast resolution.

Resources for Insurance Professionals

We also offer resources for insurance adjusters and insurance agents. Please contact Coryell Roofing today if you would like our assistance in evaluating or identifying wind and storm related roof damage or if you are interested in a schedule of upcoming training events or seminars.

Insurance Partners Inspection with Coryell Roofing

Work with a Company that is Preferred by Most Major Carriers

Insurance representatives aim to achieve the fairest resolution – for both the insurance company and the policy holder. Together we can achieve excellent results for all involved.

  • Our roofing Contractor and certified roof inspectors are the ultimate resource for commercial building owners and insurance representatives alike.
  • Our roof inspectors are extremely well-trained, credible and respected by leading insurance companies.
  • Our crews have decades of experience and are trained to the highest standards in commercial roofing.
  • We can clarify how damage affects the structure and life span of a roof and we will suggest a multitude of solutions.
  • A full roof replacement is not always the best recommendation. In some cases, a metal retrofit system or other alternative repair methods will resolve the problem most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Coryell Roofing is a preferred contractor of most major insurance companies.

Partner with us to achieve the most cost-efficient and satisfactory roof repair and replacement solutions for your clients. Contact us today!

For Oklahoma, call our Oklahoma City office for help with your insurance claim

For Amarillo, Texas, call our insurance claims specialists at our Amarillo office at