It all starts with a No Cost Certified Roof Inspection

July 3, 2017 by Chris Coryell

Choosing Insurance in DallasWhen it comes to our personal health,  preventative care is the best way to remain healthy. We feel the same way about your commercial roof! A no-cost Certified Roof Inspection from Coryell Roofing can determine the health of your commercial roof by uncovering damage that could lead to future issues.

The First Step…

During a Certified Roof Inspection for Crosspointe Church in Norman Oklahoma, we discovered storm related damage.

Having longstanding experience in commercial roof repairs and replacements, we were able to assist them through the claim process with their insurance carrier for their commercial roof repairs, making the process less of a headache to handle.

The Solution…

Specializing in commercial roof repair and construction, we proposed a Durolast Metal Retrofit System. Unlike typical metal roofs, a Durolast Metal Retrofit system offers better energy efficiency, is water tight and comes with long term warranty benefits. Needless to say, the finished product turned out great! Take a look at the before and after picture.

 Be Proactive…

If you have lived in Oklahoma for any amount of time, you know we are prone to damaging high winds and storms. Don’t wait for issues to arise. Call us today for a Free Certified Roof Inspection from one of our experts here at Coryell Roofing.