Gloria B. (Edmond, Oklahoma)

September 16, 2014 by Chris Coryell

I want to thank Coryell for the excellent job done restoring my property after the storm which had resulted in considerable hail damage to my residence, detached garage, metal storage building, and horse barn. First of all, your representative performed the initial check of all of my roofs and advised that I had enough damage to turn in an insurance claim; then, your representative was present to meet with me and the insurance adjuster at the time of the adjustment; and, most importantly, Coryell agreed to handle the complete repair job, which not only included roofing, but also the replacement of my garage door, complete residing of my metal storage building, and some painting. I was pleasantly surprised and thankful that I did not have to contact several different type Contractor to get the required repairs made.

During your representative’s initial check of my various roofs, he was careful to advise me that although he was an experienced and certified inspector and that I needed to file an insurance claim, the insurance adjuster might not allow a full replacement of my roof. As it turned out, I was able to obtain a full replacement of all of my roofs, with some additional replacements I had not expected.

Due to forecasted bad weather, within two days of signing our contract, Coryell had the roofing crew onsite and worked diligently to complete the primary residence and detached garage roofing before the bad weather came in. And, the additional restorations were completed soon after that.
I have never had this complex type of an insurance claim and restoration job done before, and I can say that Coryell simplified the entire process. Also, I very much appreciated your representative’s recommendation for changing the roof color; the new roof color (which complements the brick and trim colors) has completely transformed the appearance of my home.
Again, thank you for a job well done! Should you ever need a reference for a potential customer, you may have them contact me.


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